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DC Emergency Systems Limited has uniquely grown its business by referrals by offering support services to existing service providers operating primarily in the lighting market within the UK.


Inverter for use with Central Systems

Incorporating Perferm Technology

Even the most straight forward emergency lighting scheme can present a bewildering number of choices to the specifier or lighting manufacturer. A complex scheme will be costly by nature but if the design is wrong it can be very costly to rectify.

To help avoid such problems DC's suppliers have devoted years of research and development in to central systems and inverter design to evolve a range of AC/DC inverters that are able to operate efficiently and safely.

The inverters are continuously rated to meet high operational criteria so the lamp can be operated in the maintained mode. Changeover and hold-off relays can be incorporated to provide local or sub-circuit monitoring. Inverters without relays can be supplied in PCB form, (4-30W only).

Our sales department is always on hand to guide a project from sales to successful commissioning, if in doubt, ask!

Technical Details
for Inverters

  • Inverters are designed to conform to EN60924/60925. They are EMC compliant and carry the CE mark.

  • Output circuitry uses a high efficiency sinusoidal inverter.

  • Operating temperature range Inverter 0 to 70°C (centre side of case).

  • DC Inverter Supply Range - Nominal Supply - 16% + 25%
    AC/DC Inverter Supply Range - Nominal Supply - 16% + 25% DC supply +/- 10% AC supply