Established 1984

Specialising in lighting solutions for over 25 years

DC Emergency Systems Limited has uniquely grown its business by referrals by offering support services to existing service providers operating primarily in the lighting market within the UK.


MT5 - Module Range

Slim Section T5 Module
DC's successful super-slim module for the latest generation of T5 lamps. Designed for ease of incorporation by luminaire designers, this high quality unit features Orbik's transformer energy-absorption charging technology, for significantly lower operating temperatures and reduced energy consumption and our Perferm™ Technology or Optimum Lamp Performance.

The MT5 modules are specifically designed for use within slim housings utilising the T5 linear lamp. Sharing the same slim section as mains ballasts for T5 lamps the section of only 32mm x 28mm allow the MT5 module range to be offered integrally in virtually all shallow luminaires and extrusions. This module range features a special relay circuit which inhibits the electrical supply to the mains ballast during testing or emergency conditions.

Due to their compact size, the Nickel Metal hydride battery is an ideal partner for the MT5 module as they can fit within the same cross-sectional area. However, MT5 Modules will also operate with Nickel Cadmium Batteries.

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