Established 1984

Specialising in lighting solutions for over 25 years

DC Emergency Systems Limited has uniquely grown its business by referrals by offering support services to existing service providers operating primarily in the lighting market within the UK.


Nickel Cadmium Batteries

In today's competitive environment it is often the hidden elements of a product where "savings" are made. In the case of self contained emergency lighting luminaires it is often the Nickel Cadmium battery which is judged to be an item where money can be saved to the detriment of performance, life maintenance cost and ultimately safety of lives.

DC Emergency Systems Ltd has a policy of using high quality, high temperature Nickel Cadmium batteries manufactured and graded to the demanding standards of IEC285 and where installed in accordance with EN60598.2-22 meet the requirements for a 4 year life.

In addition to the many standard battery configurations illustrated in this catalogue, DC are able to offer special battery configurations to assist the layout of components in luminaires with restricted space.

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