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Perferm Technology

Revolutionary Technology for Low Mercury and Amalgam Lamps
In recent years, mainly as a direct result of environmental issues, the Mercury content in fluorescent lamps has been steadily reduced. European environmental directives have been the main steering force driving the changes but increasing legislation regarding the cost of disposing of hazardous end of life products is also now an increasing concern.

Control gear manufacturers have found that the life expectancy of lamps when operated on reduced power input levels (e.g. emergency or dimmed mains) is often considerably less than that of higher mercury dose lamps, under the same operating conditions. Some low mercury dose compact lamps, exhibit 'pink limbs' when operated below 100% power input.

Because of increasing concerns regarding low power operation of new generation in lamps, the UK Lighting Industry Federation, which supports both control gear and lamp manufacturers, has recently formed a working group, which met for the first time in January 2002, to explore the potential impact of these changes. All of the major lamp manufacturers represented at this meeting indicated that it is their intention, to completely remove mercury in lamps within five years, so the associated problems can only be expected to increase.

The temporary solution forwarded by the lamp manufacturers is to use higher lamp input power, which in emergency terms equates to an increase in the number of battery cells employed and where possible, to heat the lamp cathode filaments.

After years of extensive Research and Development Perferm™ technology has been developed to reliably operate reduced mercury lamps. This incorporates enhanced striking technology and permanent cathode heating.

Generally, this requires an extra one or two cells for a given lamp, but our exhaustive testing with most of the currently available fluorescent lamps has shown us that reducing the number of cells will significantly reduce lamp life. If you are currently using reduced mercury or if your luminaire may be relamped in the future with this type of lamp, we strongly recommend using modules incorporating Perferm™ technology now, to avoid expensive corrective action in the future.

Perferm™ technology has enabled DC to provide one of the most reliable emergency systems available when using amalgam lamps. This ensures compatibility between lamp and emergency module providing optimum performance. Perferm™ can be confidently specified for amalgam lamps when used for emergency lighting. Perferm™ technology is available in pre-wired remote gear boxes or can be supplied as emergency modules for integral conversions.