Established 1984

Specialising in lighting solutions for over 25 years

DC Emergency Systems Limited has uniquely grown its business by referrals by offering support services to existing service providers operating primarily in the lighting market within the UK.


Technical Details

For Emergency Control Gear and remote Emergency Systems

  • Most modules and PCB's are tested and approved to EN60924/EN60925. They are EMC compliant to EN55015 and carry the British Standard Kitemark and CE mark.

  • They incorporate over temperature and charger short circuit protection.

  • Mains supply 230V - 6% + 10% 50/60 Hz power consumption 8VA (Other supply voltages available on request)

  • Output circuitry uses a high efficiency sinusoidal inverter, with nominal operating current of 1 Amp

  • Available as standard in 3 hour operation (other durations to order)

  • All modules have battery over discharge protection as standard (DDP) to prevent discharge below 1 volt per cell

  • Reverse battery polarity protected o All connections are via terminal blocks with a red light emitting diode, (LED) to indicate correct charging conditions

  • Operating temperature range Module 0 to 70°C (centre side of case)

  • Printed Circuit Boards 0 to 90°C (coil/core of charging transformer)
Module Dimension (millimetres)
Remote Box Dimensions (millimetres)
Printed Circuit Boards Dimensions (millimetres)