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DC Emergency Systems Limited has uniquely grown its business by referrals by offering support services to existing service providers operating primarily in the lighting market within the UK.


Design Guide

Alarm Areas
Fire alarms and fire fighting equipment, install within 2 metres horizontal distance.
Install within 2 metres horizontal distance of a change of direction in an escape route.
To provide emergency illumination in all lifts.
Escape Routes
To provide illumination of escape routes.
Install within 2 metres of escape route junctions.
In all offices.
Hazardous Areas
Under EC drafts, areas of high risk should be illuminaited up to 10% of normal lighting.
Final Exits
Install externally within 2 metres horizontal distance of any final exits. Please note that sufficient light will be needed to muster a roll call.
Install in all toilets exceeding 8m2 area.
Install within 2 metres horizontal distance of change in floor level or stairs (each tread to receive direct light).
As well as this useful guide to the correct requirements and positioning of luminaires we have experts on hand constantly to offer help and advice, giving you the highest degree of service and the benefit of our years of expertise and innovation.