Established 1984

Specialising in lighting solutions for over 25 years

DC Emergency Systems Limited has uniquely grown its business by referrals by offering support services to existing service providers operating primarily in the lighting market within the UK.



The Range of services we can deliver include:

FULL Range of General and Emergency Lighting Services

Electrical services

Full range of Commercial, retail and domestic services
Electrical Testing

Full range of electrical testing compliant with BS7671 and Part P
Lighting installation/Maintenance

Energy efficient lighting Installation and maintenance solutions
Lighting design

Full lighting design proposals to suit customer needs
LED Solutions

Supply, installation, control (DALI) and Maintenance of LED lighting solutions
24 hour / 7 day call out

Emergency call out services to rectify electrical faults
Emergency lighting

Testing in accordance with BS5266, Installation and maintenance
Emergency lighting

Battery bank replacement
Emergency lighting

Bespoke Static Inverter and central battery system manufacturers
Portable appliance testing

(PAT) Cost effective portable appliance testing
Building refurbishment

Full project management of building refurbishments
Environmental services

Licensed hazardous waste removal and disposal
How to contact us
If you are looking for an experienced company to assist you in delivering high quality services competitively priced please contact us using any of the following contact details.


Tel: 0845 130 8833
Fax: 01296 434665