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The DRM415AC relay module is an enclosed change-over relay for use with static inverter operated emergency lighting systems and is rated at 1250VA.

The DRM415AC can be used with either maintained or non-maintained luminaires, powered from a static inverter and provides local sub-circuit monitoring to comply with the European Standard for centrally supplied emergency systems, EN50171.

For non-maintained operation, the static inverter supply is connected to the DRM415AC together with the local lighting circuits un-switched supply. Upon loss of the local supply, the relay changes over and the luminaire is operated by the output from the static inverter.

For maintained operation, the switched supply is also connected to the DRM415AC. This allows the luminaire to be switched on and off as though it were a normal mains luminaire. In the event of the local un-switched supply failing the luminaire is operated from the static inverter supply, regardless of whether the luminaire was being operated from the normal mains supply at the time.

A number of different options based upon the DRM415 are available:

DRM415AC: Static inverter changeover relay rated at 1250VA

DRM415AC/NR: As above, with neon indicator showing that the static inverter supply is present and healthy.

DRM415AC/RB: Static inverter change over relay housed within a sheet metal box for remote mounting.

DRM415AC/RB/NR: As above except with neon indicator showing that the static inverter supply is present and healthy.

Factory fitting service.

All of the above products can be factory fitted by DC Emergency Systems within "free-issued" luminaires, contact the sales office for information.